About Children of the Sun

Children of the Sun is a story rooted in South America’s beauty, nature and ancient culture.  Set in contemporary Peru it follows the local people’s fight against the seizure and pollution of their land.  Ancient sacred lands are under threat from the ever-encroaching mining companies.  Into this steps Anton de la Vega, 21 years old, a seemingly all American boy, returning to discover his Peruvian roots and unearth an explanation for the death of his parents in a similar struggle two decades earlier.

Anton’s uncle, Diego de la Vega has been in hiding for twenty years and has turned the family estate into a refuge for the outcasts of modern city society, high in the hills above the city.  Anton, Diego, and their people are forced to take on the power of the corrupt mine owner Manonegra to fight for their very existence.  Whilst fighting for the cause Anton, guided by the eccentric shaman, Abuela, falls in love and discovers his true identity and destiny.
Children of the Sun is a coming of age story; a tale of love and loss in a very real fight for justice.  It tells of hope and redemption, capturing the spirit of South America, and its fantastic musical heartbeat.



There is a legendary Broadway quote; “Musicals are not written – they are rewritten!”  For many writers, lyricists and composers this will be a familiar mantra.  But take heart.  Even the now mighty “Hamilton” took seven years to move from Lin Manuel Miranda’s 2008 holiday reading of a recently published biography of one of the founding fathers of modern America, to reaching the stage of the Public Theatre in New York in February 2015.

As you will see from the timeline below, Children of the Sun has been written and rewritten many times over a long period of time.  As with most musical shows, the development period has been lengthy, with work coming in fits and starts as development money could be secured.  The path to opening night is long and winding, but hopefully there are bright lights on the horizon …

1985 Frank Musker visits Peru for the first of many trips.  He is captivated by the country and its culture, both ancient and modern.
1996 Composer Ronan Hardiman writes the score for Michael Flatley’s Lord of the Dance
1999 Frank meets composer Ronan Hardiman and they write their first song together – “La Llama Sacra”.
2004 Frank and Ronan discuss the idea of creating a stage musical set in Peru, utilising some of their growing catalogue of songs, including “So Far Away” (recorded by Ronan Keating) and “Heaven” (recorded by Hayley Westenra).
2006 Through a mutual friend, Frank meets Austin Shaw who joins the team to develop the idea of a contemporary South American musical.  Together they work on an original story idea.
2007 Frank, Ronan and Austin add their first new original song to the developing narrative – “Tears of the Moon”.
2008 More new songs are added to the developing storyline;  “Trust Me”, “El Ritmo es la Vida” and “In My World”.
2009 First development workshop of “Children of the Sun” takes place at Her Majesty’s Theatre.  Simon Lee joins the team as Musical Supervisor.
2010 Second development workshop of the show takes place with a first public presentation of the initial story and songs at the Linbury Suite at London’s Royal Opera House.
2013 Theatre Royal Plymouth play host to a three week full workshop of the script at their TR2 facility.  For the first time, the full show narrative takes shape.
2016 After a couple of wrong turns (we’ve all been there !) Austin and Frank write a new draft of the script.
2017 Under the guidance of Kenneth Rea, Professor of Theatre at the prestigious Guildhall School, a table reading of the new script is undertaken.
2018 With a full script, song demos, and website, the musical is ready for production.